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RISE Management Innovation Lab

Central Institute Building CIB


Technological innovation needs management innovation: To successfully establish something new, management itself must continually evolve. Entrepreneurs, senior executives, and boards of directors create value, generate impact, and make a difference by continuously ensuring and renewing the capacity for action, decision-making, and change of their organizations. Our publications delve deeper into this.

"With RISE, one can learn: How do executives successfully create, establish, and develop their own, company-specific models of executive management?"

Jürgen Dormann, CEO and chairman of the board of numerous organizations, longtime research partner on the topic of "Executive Management"

"The knowledge development at RISE is relevant for me as an entrepreneur and executive because it combines business experience with the latest, internationally relevant scientific discussions to come up with unique perspectives."

Stefan Arn, entrepreneur and senior executive, longtime research partner and member of the RISE board 

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Management innovation requires an entrepreneurially managed lab that serves as a development platform for such innovation to unfold. Here, entrepreneurs and scientists work together on the future of management based on exemplary cases, strategic discussions, pragmatic model building, or entrepreneurial experiments. We make this tangible in a variety of cooperation formats.

“Management innovation at RISE is fascinating to me because it accurately describes our own entrepreneurial mindset but from radically new perspectives.”

Martin Leuthold, creative director and managing director, research partner and entrepreneurial "extreme case" of cultural and technological innovation

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Through management innovation, new management knowledge is created – in the form of management models that are suitable for the mission of the organization, management practices that generate organizational impact, management processes that productively interact with the strategy process, and reference cases that are embedded in the history of the organization. Entrepreneurs and scientists develop this new knowledge at RISE as a community.

"In the RISE Lab, we have, as an entrepreneurial and executive community, the opportunity to discuss, question, and further develop the St. Gallen Management Model together with its authors."

Patrick Burkhalter, CEO of Ergon Informatik AG, board of directors of Belimo Automation AG, longtime member of the RISE board

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Further information


Prof. Dr. Daniel Bartl
Assistant professor of Organizational Studies // Academic and managing director RISE
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen
Phone: +41 79 250 12 46

Prof. Dr. Simon Grand
Assistant professor of Strategic Management //  Academic director RISE
Phone: +41 79 639 38 07

Prof. Dr. Johannes Rüegg-Stürm
Professor of Organizational Studies // Academic director RISE
Phone: +41 71 224 23 23

Prof. Dr. Peter Stücheli-Herlach
Professor ZFH for Organizational Communication // Research Fellow
Phone: +41 79 817 98 79

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